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Non Seven Hardy Spicer Kit
    I have a pair of these kits, acquired with a pile of Seven bits, which are too big for a Seven. Anybody have an idea what they fit, I just hate throwing out usable stuff.
Here's a scan of the relevant page from a UJ manufacturer catalogue I have here. Neapco (the manufacturer) part number on the left. Spicer part number on the right. Bearing diameter is self explanatory. OSR dimension is for circlips being on the outside of the cup. ISR dimension is for circlips being fitted on the inside of the cup (in the groove that yours seem to have) so an external style circlip ends up retaining the cup from the inside of the yoke -this fitting is quite common on American cars and machinery and I can confirm is incredibly fiddly to install Undecided .

There doesn't seem to be an exact match to yours -Spicer 1310 (a common size on larger cars) is the closest.

[Image: 49716135261_7bf59a480e_c.jpg]
Many thanks Stuart.

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