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Do they think we are all stupid?
Or what?

The latest eBay scam:

Or perhaps it's a joke?

Poor taste I feel.
You gotta larf though

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Just looked at thisthis on eBay  what is poor taste ???please explain  it's obviously a wind up and a very funny one at that come on lighten up dudes !!! I'm still laughing at it!! 
What does anybody else think ?
Great Fun
Do isolate as much as possible, but do keep smiling.
I bought the Guardian newspaper this morning, cut it into squares and hung it on back of the loo door. like wartime
Unfortunately modern printing methods mean the ink will then need wiping off ...
Good taste RPM glad to see you are not using one of the red tops.

john Mason
Would you believe it "Her who must be obeyed" refers to my Ruby as the toy.

An anorak writes: today it is the Observer on sale. Yesterday's Grauniad you might have been able to find discarded and for free. Our recent Private Eye is in the bathroom, but as not yet fully read, still  unchopped, or should that be untorn. Corrections about to be posted!
Excellent suggestion RPM!!!! Was the Grauniad arround during the war? Anyway an ideal use for it!

Paul N-M

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