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Looking back...
Two years ago today I was doing this...

And today,in a boat ?
or in a mask.
You could try water skiing if the car will go fast enough.
….And just 1 year ago, we had summer in February with temperatures of 21.2 at Kew Gardens on 26th.

A long way from Storm Ciara, Storm Dennis and Storm Jorge!
We live on an island lashed by repeated anti-clockwise rotating low-pressure zones that load up a with a few million tons of water as they cross the pond. Unsurprisingly, it occasionally rains. By the grace of God, that magic Coriolis effect is mitigated by the antics of the jet stream and summer arrives in winter and winter in summer - snow in June in Buxton, anybody. Yes, it has happened. One thousand feet up in the Peak District, over fifty years, we've had mild winters with not a flake of snow followed by ones with 8-foot drifts and -8c for days on end. Summers with barely a glimpse of the sun, others with tar running down the road. What a great country to live in!
Well you could try 'sunny' Queensland  Smile
Go on Tony, try it!   The doors always open
The title of the thread reminds me of an early John Mayall & Bluesbreakers number...
On fire one day, underwater the next ! Big Grin

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