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Forum problems
Is anyone else having problems accessing A7friends ?
While I can get on via wife's iPad my lap top won't let me ?
Interesting question ... those who are not experiencing problems will say not. Those who are possibly can't comment!

I'm not experiencing any problems on the forum, hguohtla emos sdrow I epyt  mees  ot emoc tuo sdrawkcab?
I'm good on the laptop and the iPad all the way from the Colonies

Half way down under

I can't access it at all on my desktop with internet explorer - having to get my fix via firefox (try saying that in a hurry) tonight.

.jpg   Capturet.JPG (Size: 38.84 KB / Downloads: 313)
On the PC, it comes up as an "unsecure" site, with with a padlock symbol with a warning yellow triangle on it.

Some settings on some devices wil mean this site is blocked by them.

I don't know why my devices don't block them, but I can get the "Friends" on Windows PC, and Android tablet and phone.
There's a windows 10 update that's been causing a few problems..?
I'm on Windows 7
Refused a couple of times this morning. OK from lunch time.
I have had ongoing problems since we had the complete shutdown of the usual format over Christmas, the site often freezes completely, I have to shut down and reopen which often fixes but not always. This never happened before the site experienced the earlier mentioned problem.

It just froze again as I was attempting to answer the trials special query, I had to close and reopen safari to get it working again, seems to be worse on threads with photographs.
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I can no longer access it from my laptop at home - I'm getting a message saying it's because I'm using Windows 7. 


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