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Hello. We would like to hear from any Austin 7 two seater tourer owners about how they keep the car secure when parked away from home. (Hotel carparks, campsites etc.) Many thanks.
Cheers from Chris and Hilary
I was given a "crook lock" by my daughter, it locks on steering wheel.

Only problem I have had at shows was children pulling starter button. so now I disconnect the battery.

 I live on Isle of Man and the car is well known.

Last time in England, we hired a long wheelbase van. My son drove van.

We are hoping to do this in 2022 for hundredth gathering.
We've never worried enormously about it with our PD. However, we do carry a crook lock in the car. A screw on battery isolator isn't a bad idea either.
Take out the rotor arm, preferably don't park in doubtful places & don't be gone too long.
Hi, it is easy to run a hidden wire (in the wiring loom) connected to the ignition wire running from the coil to the distributor. This wire can then be grounded via a simple on/off switch hidden under the dash....when grounded this will stop the HT to the plugs. When I get my car back on the road I will get a motorbike chain lock and secure through front axle wheel.
Here away from shows fiddling and idle vandalism is more the problem. Radiator, oil filler caps, batteries, can disappear, possibly  oddments in the petrol tank. The bonnet needs to be secured.
When staying away from home, either with the Austin Seven or my other more modern classic I only ever stay in hotels that have safe and secure parking. This was one of the criteria I applied when I did the planning for the run to Santiago de Compostella in the RP, and will also apply to my trip next month to Italy in the MGF. I would not feel at all happy about parking either outside on the street or anywhere generally open to the public. I have had far too much experience of the darker side of human nature in a former life to be anything other than sceptical.

The application of subtle and overt anti-theft devices is a must these days, even at shows when the light fingered will nick anything that is easily removeable. Turn your back for a moment and you'll find someone sat in your car waggling away at the steering or some overweight pre-adenoidal child jumping up and down on your running board.

Trust no-one.

If you do have to leave a tourer unattended overnight then make sure there is nothing left in it before you leave it, and as already suggested take steps to make it undriveable.
I've been wondering during the day why I don't actually worry so much, and I guess one good reason is that when I go away with the car I usually camp, which makes it highly unlikely anyone is going to tamper unnoticed (plus I suspect outdoorsy types are less likely to cause problems anyway). During the day the car and I are rarely parted for longer than a tinkle stop.
It's a silly thing, but I worry about whether I've locked the RP saloon when it's parked in a public place, but never the non-lockable PD 2-seater.

Both cars are daily transport and are regularly left on-street or in car parks. It doesn't bother me much, but I do take the precautions mentioned above - choice of location is probably the main consideration, and I use a steering lock and a battery isolator as well.
Maybe I have been lucky but I never worry and have never had my car compromised.

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