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early diff casing
At the weekend the club had a spares sale and I saw some early 6" brake diff trousers.
These were unusual in that they had 3 (or 4?) webs cast in between the banjo flange and axle tube. I had not seen these before and they do not show in my earliest spare parts booklet 353A  or the booklet of production changes.
The 6"brake shoes were a twin rib steel construction and the purchaser indicated they were not the same as a pair of alloy ones he had at home. 
I was wondering what year they would have been ?
The webs are standard for early production cars and used up until 1924, possibly later.

The webbed tube axles were still in use mid 1924 as I have one in my shed
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I agree - here is one from a car I had.

.jpg   UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_6d34.jpg (Size: 246.55 KB / Downloads: 349)

.jpg   UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_6d37.jpg (Size: 155.11 KB / Downloads: 348)

Thanks for your reply guys, I will contact the purchaser as I don't think he noticed the tapered bearings.
As a boy I failed to recognize those twin rib brakeshoes and believing them to be motorcycle, I binned them.
There was a rough early chassis there which went home to a chap with a 25.
For myself I was pleased to obtain a pair of 38 stub axles complete with big bearing hubs and no dowels on the cast drums Big Grin 
              regards  Russell
I have one (17") refurbished wheel here to suit your non dowel drums - contact me if you are interested.

Thanks for your offer Ruairidh but I have some big seven steel wheels for that project
Ho, hum. Back on the wall it goes Big Grin

Squeak - the webs on the axles were current until late 1925.  Am curious about the aluminium ones the guy had, as all were steel as you described until the 7" brake time. (Wish I'd known about the shoes, I would have got you to bid for me).  Cheers,  Bill
Bill,  my observation of his identification methods, whilst sorting through the available shoes, leads me to think he was confusing the measurement across the pivot centers, with the drum diameter.  I recon the ally shoes were probably 7". The 6" steel were kosher.

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