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Items sought for the Archive
I have written before about items sought for the Archive, particularly Handbooks and Parts Lists to fill in the gaps and any Publicity Brochures we dont have, that would be welcome additions to the collection. I have been giving thought to the Archive as a whole of late and identifying areas where we could bolster the collection. One particular area that I would like to see enhanced is that of Austin Advocates or its successor, the Austin Magazine. I would be really interested to hear from anyone who might be willing to part with any of these - odd copies, part runs, even a lifelong collection that you don't know quite what to do with! As you know, the Archive has been immensely fortunate to have received financial donations from our friends in New Zealand, the Midshires Group of the Pre War Club and, most recently, the Cambridge Austin 7 Club, so funds are available...

Please give some thought as to whether you can help in the search...

many thanks in advance...

Can I just bring this to the top again to try and catch your eye? My request in December brought forth one very kind offer of a donation of a single copy from 1927 in a chap's posession. I am *very* keen to try and build up a collection of these magazines. So, re-iterating my earlier request for items you may be willing to part with - donation or purchase, can I expand that to should you see any of these offered for sale in a dusty corner of a s/h bookshop or an auction lot, please alert me by sending an email to

thank you...
Hugh I have a couple of dozen from 27 to 37 including The Advocate june 27. They are quite fragile, the paper being brittle. I could box and send for scanning. My daughter is now too busy at work for scanning this volume. I would like them returned, still looking for the dealers booklets?  regards  Russell
Barry Pook has a number of Austin Magazines from the late 1930s and into the 1940s listed on eBay; I have always found him receptive to realistic offers - it might be worth making an offer for a job lot!

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Thanks both..

Russell, I will drop you a note by email..

Mike, I had seen all the Barry Pook offerings on Ebay, but had somewhat discounted them as many of them are from the 1940s. I was hoping to start a collection based on a rough date range of 1922 - 1939 first of all... I will have a closer look to see exactly what he has listed...


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