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2 bearing engine complete
I have a big list of spare parts and a complete engine for sale in Edinburgh if anyone is interested ?

2 bearing crank , case with no repairs, has its sump, bacon slicer starter and modified adapter from magneto to dizzy.
The bores need a clean up and the pistons need new rings. low compression head. Can break or sell as whole.

I also have spare drive shaft early fabric joint type 
3 log inlet manifolds
updraft inlet manifold
1 Brass Zenith 22fz
1 Zenith 22 fzb
crash gearbox
2 blade fan and housing
various castings for magneto / timing , early and late.

Im based in Edinburgh happy to ship and post photos of anything anyone is interested in.

Im also happy to bore and fit piston rings and supply a complete engine, long or short.

[Image: DGGRZsw]
.jpg   83010111_1505952356238409_620924585918857216_n.jpg (Size: 85.12 KB / Downloads: 377)
Please see PM Steve.
I've also sent a PM
Hi is mag engine and all parts sold if you still have anything i am ready to buy. please contact me Dave.

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