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Horn push
Hi all.
Could someone tell me how the horn button comes apart on a '37 Ruby? To be honest, I dont want to start poking  about or prising bits off until I know exactly which parts are supposed to come apart. 
Also, is it possible to fit the brake light switch on the wrong way around? My light stays on permanently.Thanks.
To gain access to the horn push you need to do the following:

1. Disconnect the wires which come out of the steering column at the bottom of the steering box. If you have indicators there will b 4 wires.

2. Undo/loosen the clamp found at the bottom of the steering box. 

3. From inside the car, pull the horn push/indicator away from the steering wheel. You will find it is attached to a long tube which goes all the way down through the steering column. Warning: This tube is generally covered in copious amount of grease. 

With the brake switch it is not possible to connect so that it works in reverse. If the brake lights are remaining on then the switch is permanently closed. Check if the brake switch is returning to its open/off position. If not you may be able to adjust the spring tension where it attaches to the brake rod by moving the clamp back along the rod.

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