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Hi new I’m to the forum and Austin 7’s
Hi my names Aaron and I’ve recently acquired an Austin 7 special. It’s an unfinished project that has been untouched for a few years! It has a Roach rtc  body and I believe is based on a 1934 ruby. 
My first (of I’m sure many) questions relates to the body. How difficult is it to polish the aluminium body? Or am I better off painting it? I have no intentions of doing trials just local shows and driving around the moor on sunny days!
Many thanks
Hi Aaron and welcome to the world of Austin Sevens! It sounds as though you must be fond of hard work. My '33 RP saloon is still a working car and is lucky if it gets a cursory wash every two years, so my knowledge of polishing anything is minimal. Have fun with the special and don't worry about how it looks!
The Williams specials book is a book of its time and best regarded simply as inspiration. In its day Sevens were worth little, parts were abundant and cheap, and keeping up with other traffic was  the overriding objective.  At the time little other technical advice was available, esp outside of Club circles. Much of the advice is dubious and there are many errors. Club sites, advertisers sites, Woodrow and here now more appropriate.

OOps! Wrong post. Intended for the chamfer enquiry but possibly appropriate here anyway.
My first car was a Cambridge special in polished Aluminium — I remember using tubes of stuff called solvol autosol. It produced a lovely shine which lasted about three days. In the end I settled for a more relaxed solution — not bothering to polish it.
If you are happy with that I would suggest leaving it unpainted. This might suit the RTC body as it does the Cambridge.
Hi Aaron. Welcome to the world of A7s.

When I got my Special the aluminium bonnet was dull matt.  A lot of elbow grease and a quantity of Autoglym Metal Polish sorted it, and it is still my go-to metal polish. Do it a bit at a time and you'll keep your sanity...

.jpg   DSCN2843.JPG (Size: 194.98 KB / Downloads: 330)

I'm definitely in the 'can't be bothered' camp when it comes to polishing!! I like the well-used look.
Hi thanks for the responses i think I may need to revisit the idea of painting it! That polished bonnet does look really good but if it is going to need constant polishing maybe it will need a little to much time!
Thanks again
When it is back to a shine, put a coat of autoglym resin polish on it, then it will last a long time. I don't use the metal polish more than a couple of times a year.

And just in case you think a 7 takes some polishing - how about this... a 1939 Spartan Executive.

.jpg   _DSC7492-3.jpg (Size: 251.76 KB / Downloads: 253)
If you're in Devon, the Bristol and Cornwall clubs will be at the Beggars Roost campsite near Lynton as usual over the second bank holiday weekend in May and for the week after. Usually an eclectic mix of cars and some steep hills to keep us on our toes!
Welcome to the Forum Aaron.

Have you considered a brushed finish on the bare aluminium using Scotch Brite? Arguably harder to do than polishing the surface but, if done well, looks the biz!


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