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cam shaft taper angle
I need to make a new 'take off shaft' for my special which runs the water pump and supercharger via a shaft mounted on the end of the cam shaft in place of the flat belt pulley for the fan.
not being great with the maths and getting different measurments  does anyone know what angle the taper is.

the old shaft is a bit short and runs out

You would be best to set up a camshaft in the lathe between centres, ,clock the taper up with the compound slide to get the angle,it's something like 3' 40" x 2 for included angle.
Then you are set to do the internal taper,check with Prussian blue to check it's right.It will of course "rock",(using camshaft as your gauge) if taper is incorrect.
thanks for reply -- I will light the stove and have a night in garage tomorrow night.

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