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Many thanks for your reply. Have checked timing with the marks on the flywheel non of course on pulley all is o.k. there. Will try with different coil first to check that, and then move on to changing to normal points etc, and see how we go on. I am also on the early bay forum have a 1972 bay window crossover, some people swear by electronic ignition modules , other people detest them. Many thanks Mike.
Did you solve the problem Hobbo? I had a similar problem with the Austin 1800 that I once had, and the very good local garage diagnosed a failed condenser. So others who have suggested ignition problems could be on the right track. I also agree that it's best to replace the coil if going to negative earth. Good luck.
Hi thanks for the help. I haven't been in the garage for a couple of days due to other commitments and it being so cold. Have got a new coil on order. The dizzy is fitted with electronic an ignition module which I think could possibly be the problem, plus the coil. Will let you all know the outcome Thanks once again Mike
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Hi an update. Replaced coil with new one still will not rev, have come to the conclusion that it is probably something more serious. Placed my hand over carb throat it will rev then, looked down carburettor while still revving petrol was spitting back up, think probably valve problem? Getting to the position if some one would give me a reasonable offer as is will let it go Thanks for the help everyone has given me in the last few weeks. Mike
I have followed your problems with interest.
Don’t forget everything is fixable !!!
I bought my 7 as a non runner and went through months of problems before getting it running well.
When yours is finally running the sense of achievement will be well worth all the work.

You mention possible valve issues.
As a rough test try turning the engine on the handle you should feel 4 distinct compressions
Or use a compression gauge



Hi Tim Thanks for your kind remarks. As I am 79 this year things are not as easy to do as they used to be. I am thinking of sending the car to a garage that is known for working on older vehicles. I know I will probably have to pay quite a substantial sum but so be it. I have never worked on a side valves before but that doesn't worry me. My speciality used to be more on interiors, but I have in the past taken out engines, gear boxes, done decokes, replaced valves, done king pins and bushes etc, but it is a bit daunting at my age. The Friends Forum has been very, very helpful indeed don't know what we would do without such sites. Many thanks, Mike.
I have also read all the threads on your carb problems and when you say it revs when your hand is placed over the carb throat it makes me think that for one reason or another it is caused by an imbalance of petrol/air mixture. Check you have the correct jets for your car ( the same carb will probably be used on one or more engines with different jets for each.) check they are clear and allow full flow of fuel. Although you have already checked for air leaks in the manifold check again by putting a small amount of carb cleaner against all manifold mating surfaces and if it picks up and revs then it will show a leak there.
I know this is all frustrating but I am sure it is something easy to fix if we can put our finger on the cause.
My trusted fault finding in Oldhams Automotive Engineering Illustrated list the following for your problem
1. Damp or faulty condenser
2. Faulty coil
3. Plug insulation defective, soothed up or gap to wide
3. Ignition too retarded
4. Jet blocked
5. Shortage of petrol
6. Choked exhaust.

I realise from reading your thread you have already checked on some of these already.
I hope this may help you before you have to give up. Remember it could be more than one thing that is causing the problem.

John Mason
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You said it would rev with your hand over the carb throat, were you completely blocking the air intake or just restricting it?

With the engine warmed up have you tried different choke setting to see if there is a difference - say 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 on?
Hi completely blocking it and also running with choke on, so only allowing a small amount of air in it will rev then. Choke off hand off just dies. Took off carb yesterday intake full of liquid thought at first was water, soaked it up with rag out of garage into garden lit it burned fiercely it was petrol. It has electric pump next to petrol tank. Mike

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