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Engine reconditionig
Hi, I am renovating my 1933 RP Box saloon
and need to get the engine reconditioned. It
turn over fine but has no compression also
an exhaust manifold stud and water inlet
stud are sheared off in the cylinder block.
Anybody know anywhere in the South West
of England I could get this work done.
You have quite a few options. Whereabouts in Devon are you? Do you know about the Devon Austin Seven Club? PM me.
Crate it up and send it to [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register] you won’t go wrong there
I am always interested in any information about Rosengart details or current owners.
Heartily agree with comments above; certainly if going somewhere local you'd do well to make contact with other owners who can recommend or otherwise. And 'Devon' is quite big so it would be helpful to understand where is near you.

Friend's garage at Ivybridge used to be Austin Seven people. They rebuilt the back axle on my Nippy when I was a young lad. I'm not sure if Mr. Friend senior is still around or how much he passed on to his sons but it might be worth an enquiry.
I agree with Derek.
Call Alba it is worth the carriage to get a great job done and good value.
Thanks for your suggestion, I had heard they do an excellent job but I was looking to find someone more local to Devon so I could take the engine along and discuss what needs to be done.
Best regards

Many thanks to all. Had some good suggestions for companies around Exeter that I will follow up. Also, as I live just down the road from Ivy bridge in Totnes, I can check out friends garage.
Whilst many local engineering firms will be able to do an adequate job it will pay you well to try and find a local Austin Seven expert that has the recommendation of local enthusiasts.
Are you a member of the Devon,Dorset Bristol or Cornwall Clubs for instance.?
Good advice to join the local club, Devon Sevens, who have given me some good recommendations and I have also had tremendous feedback from this forum so thank you to all who have replied.

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