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Brakes locking on
I've just received a Christmas card from Roger Mallinson in which he reports that he broke a king pin and the radius rod cup bolt when he hit a pot hole. He's repaired the car however, when he applies the brakes they lock on and he has to reverse to release them. This sounds to me like the brake shoe pivot is loose, does anybody have any better ideas? Roger is in Windermere which has no public transport and his Seven is his only mode of transport.
My experience of a broken or loose pivot pin is as you suggest Dave.

Loose linings also snatch.

I guess there may be other possibilities but the remedy is the same, he needs to have the drum off and inspect carefully for any of the shoe/ pivot/ shim/ cam parts awry and remedy accordingly.

Perhaps step one is to check which side (or is it both?) is locking, easily done by jacking the wheels slightly off the ground (I'd lock the brakes up first).
Hi Dave

Can’t help with the problem but is Roger the same Roger that survived a submarine accident in the seventies.  If so it may be worth members looking him up and reading his story on the web.  Very harrowing experience.  Apparently he does use his boat tail all the time along with a very large Alsatian in the passenger seat. He also restores lake cruisers to a very high standard.

Quite a character 


Yes Roger, That's the man!
Depending on the model, the lighter ones work pretty well on rear brakes alone.

So if it was my only transport and I needed it, I would uncouple the brakes until I could get round to fixing it.
I have to add a word of caution Simon that while that is OK as a 'get you home' measure, locking the rear brakes even at modest speed may well spin the car.

.jpg   RogersBoatTailcopy.jpg (Size: 257.93 KB / Downloads: 111) Yes Howard, Roger is the ex submariner. I've no idea whether his brakes are coupled or not, he's naturally concerned due to the risk of ice at this time of the year.

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