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Compression pressures
Hi Zeto,
I have always done compression tests with the engine running when possible.
It gives me a more accurate balance across the engine.
Being a pressure fed 65 its nigh on impossible to crank the thing by hand ! as soon as the oil pressure rises it pushes the handle out of engagement.
I do not want to overheat the starter motor with too much cranking either.
I will charge the battery up and take all the plugs out and give it a go on the starter motor tommorow though.
Hi Folks,
The results are in.
Engine was run to warm it but not hot enough to burn fingers on plug tops.
All tests were done running a 6v starter on 12 volts as the car has been 12 volts for many years.
Hand throttle wide open.
No 1 = 130 psi 9 Bar
No 2 = 130 psi 9 Bar
No 3 = 130 psi 9 Bar
No 4 = 100 psi 7 Bar I put oil into this cylinder and tried again with the same result.
So I have a poorly sealing valve on number 4
I will not do anything about this yet as the engine still pulls well although I will check the valve clearances.

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