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Ruby door check
Does anyone have the dimensions for ruby Mk2 door check straps
i have a picture but dimensions would make things easier when trying to re make them
Thank you
I believe that Mk11 Ruby’s did not have check straps but a metal apparatus on the bottom adjacent to the A post.
I am always interested in any information about Rosengart details or current owners.
Hi Graham

The original door checks are a rubber and metal disc on the end of a curved rod about 6 inches long which bears on the inner sill under the floor (See picture from the body parts list, publication 1521).  The door attachment is via a triangular plate at the lower front, with a couple of lugs and a split pin.  Most of these originals have rotted away or been taken off in times past and never replaced.  I seem to remember one of the cherished suppliers making a batch.

Cheers, John.
Hi thanks for replys
Yes that is the part I have a picture of just wondered if anyone had the dimensions save a lot of guess work
when it comes to making them
If noone else has before I get home, I'll take some measurements. Do you have the steel plate fixed to the door, or do you need dimensions for that too?
Thanks Nick that would be great both parts please as
All I have is a picture at the moment
I never made it to technical drawing class, so forgive the back of an envelope sketch...




The washers appear to be a collection of old junk?
Nick thanks that is just what i needed
thank you very much for you time
This is what you need.

But I never seem to get the time to do the brazing?



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