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Mosaire extra air valve
In the Nicholson book "The Austin Seven Book" there is an advert for the"Mosaire" extra air valve which appears to make many claims about increases in performance, economy and reliability.
I can find very little on the internet about this device and wonder if anyone has ever seen one or read an contemporary reports. It looks like " snake oil " to me but am intrigued.
I remember having an extra air valve which may have had that name, and I fitted it to my first A7, an RP. I recollect that it could be adjusted so that it suited (?) different capacity engines. It fitted between the manifold and carburettor the plate component being perhaps 3/16" thick and the valve sticking out radially with the extra air hole through the thickness of the fitting plate. I can't remember it making any difference, but I think I was worried about burning valves and disposed of it. Mainly I economised in 1959/60 by running on 50% paraffin on long journeys!
Robert Leigh

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