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Fantastic looking special for sale on Ebay !!!
Hi chaps,

Just too goo to be true, so indeed its fair to say it is !!

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anyone know the car, has a lovely special body..


(GN312 Special)
It is one of several images that regularly appear as scam listings. Always beware any listing where you cannot highlight a line in the text description. It has been copied as a screenshot and pasted in. Classic scammer m.o.
"Hijacked account 04 November 2019"
If you look at the scammer's other items for sale there are jeeps, caravans and boats all £1 starting bid
Easy way to identify the scammers: they ask you to contact them with an email address rather than using the eBay system.
Cor, being found out by the Austin Seven forum got rid of that very quickly!

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