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Silly Starter Motor Question

Just fitting a starter motor to my Ulster replica (forward facing starter) and can't decide which way the terminal post should be.

It will either be vertically up or down but which is correct?

Upwards would probably make it easier to connect but the cable would have to run up over the motor and also the terminal would be quite exposed to damage and the elements.

Any advice,
The terminal normally faces upwards.
Robert Leigh

Just fitted it with the terminal on top as suggested. (In fact, when I offered it, it looked as though it probably wouldn't have fitted with the terminal at the bottom).

It's a good idea to run an earth cable from the lower starter mounting bolt direct to the earth on the battery. Whilst the frame/chassis/engine should all be earthed, the starter takes a lot of current and it needs the best feed it can get, especially if you're still on 6 volts.
Originally the rear mounted starter motor was fitted with the terminal underneath. Then a straight cable  run from battery to motor.
my two are fitted terminal down

Mine is just Terminal ! Big Grin 
For those of us that are still on 6 volts there is a huge benefit on having both earth and live feed connected direct from the starter motor to battery. Prior to doing this, the starter on my RP would work, but albeit reluctantly even though I had an extra earth cable connected to one of the
head studs. When I relocated it to the lower starter motor fixing bolt the motor now spins like a good 'un even for cold starts where it needs a good spin to prime the carb. A mod more than well worth it. It seems that some conductivity is lost through the block/crankcase interface and even the timing case to chassis earth strap doesn't help that much.
Sorry to be a bit of a pedant but the correct terminology for starter motors fitted up to September 32 is forward facing, after this date they are rear facing.

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