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Building a Special Body
On the old forum I had a thread running about the rebuild of my special that I managed to roll whilst racing, virtually writing myself and the car off in the process. The old forum search facility is still not working so I am unable to find the thread and post a link. Anyway several people have asked to see how things are progressing, I admit that there have been a few distractions so not a massive amount more has been done but here is where I am now up to. I anyone wants to see the buck and body development process I will have another go at finding the old thread or failing that repost some of the pictures here.

.jpg   DSC06277.JPG (Size: 282.92 KB / Downloads: 4,075)

.jpg   DSC06281.JPG (Size: 280.1 KB / Downloads: 4,093)

.jpg   DSC06282.JPG (Size: 287.19 KB / Downloads: 4,107)

.jpg   DSC06283.JPG (Size: 261.71 KB / Downloads: 4,097)

.jpg   DSC06284.JPG (Size: 249.18 KB / Downloads: 4,081)

.jpg   DSC06285.JPG (Size: 255.31 KB / Downloads: 4,058)
Black Art Enthusiast 
Very nice looking work Ian

Very nice!
Delightful! What excellent craftsmanship. The distributor looks like a Lucas 25 D and if so are you happy with its performance?
(12-10-2017, 09:42 AM)Dave Wortley Wrote: The distributor looks like a Lucas 25 D

Funnily enough, I noticed the very same Dave!
Thanks for the comments!
The distributor is a a bastard that I made up from bits, NOS 25D clockwise guts in a non vacuum 23D body, I fecked about with the advance curve on a dyno to get just right, it works extremely well.
Black Art Enthusiast 
Its Looking quite complete Ian! I like your radiator colour....
She looks really well Ian, 

Glad to see that I am not alone with using clamps to hold my body on!

regards, Mark.
Stunning work Ian.
Well done, Ian.

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