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OK, I give up !!!!!!!
After 30 years of mucking about with A7's I finally found one thats defeated me !!!!!! Confused
My own Ruby, :-(  . It simply won't start or run, and I've run out of ideas. SO
heres a deal, da da da, drum roll, If theres anybody near West Norfolk, (Downham Market )
who fancies wasting a morning looking at my Bl**dy car, they can earn as many cups of tea, choccy biscuits and danish pastries they can eat !!!
pm if you can help, Im now getting  desperate  Angry
Well, first question has to be was it runnning before? What have you changed? What have you tried so far?
No1, yes was running after rebuild, 2 ran rough after no use for 5-6 weeks, 3 cleaned and rebuilt fuel pump, carb, dizzy, and now won't even cough, run out of ideas, timing correct, got fuel, got spark ?
I know you say its got fuel, but have you tried priming it by dropping fuel directly into the cylinders?
yes, and easy-start, just coughs, burps, then nothing.
Asking for someone to help in my opinion is the best thing ,
As they have not worked on the engine before they can start with a methodical approach,
not having checked things before they will just go through a standard check list.
It is very easy to keep on making the same mistake thinking I have all ready done that.
there would not be one of us that this has not happened 

Do not give up
good luck

You wouldn't be the first person to be caught out by duff petrol. The stuff they make these days doesn't have a very long shelf life. If the fuel is new then that is not the problem. Given good fuel, compression and a healthy spark at the right time, it should at least attempt to fire. Can you be sure that there is not any water getting into the bores? If a plug looks wet it will be either oil, petrol or water.

I would also change the condenser. That's where I would start anyway.
Sounds like the spark is in the wrong place.

I usually feel slightly superior to those who cannot get the ignition timing sorted.

Top of compression stroke - points just opening - where the rotor arm is becomes No. 1 - and off you go.

Applied this once to a '24 AC which the owner had given up on, and within a couple of minutes we were going for a drive.

Smug, or what?!

So - iI thoughtI would swap distributors to test the spare.   How easy is that?

Took me three goes and the plug leads are now not where they were.

At least one attempt was 180 degrees out.

Dunno why- but it isn't always easy, after all.
Try new spark plugs (and fresh petrol); when modern petrol 'goes stale' it can coat the electrode with a varnish which can cause your symptoms.
If have you checked for spark at plugs THEN its petrol try flushing carb out and fresh petrol into carb bowl

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