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Safeguarding Electronic ignition
As well as trying to work out what to do as a back up device for the accuspark distributor (which works so darn well), just been looking through some of the web chats on aftermarket electronic ignition generally and these were useful to read and might be helpful for others. All the devices (Lumenition, Pertronix and so on) have failures, and avoiding the situations below will perhaps help minimise risk. I realise some of the instruction is for things beyond A7 systems, but the gist is useful.

"I read that with some of the cheaper magnetic systems leaving the ignition switched on without the motor running was a good way to kill them. The logic was that if the magnet was aligned with the sensor (firing point) then it effectively overloaded the sensor internals if it was left for any significant time. When the engine's running it's only pulsing, which is what the design was for." 

"Over-charging or under-charging by the charging system can be an issue, too much charge will cook the coil, too little will not allow the electronic ignition to function properly"
Aldon Automotive (original importers and distributors of the Pertronix Ignitor kits) on diagnosis of a trigger unit fault:
charging system - make sure it wasn't over or under charging. Make sure the coil is suitable - t Make sure there is a good and proper earth between the Ignitor pick-up and the block - so that includes no dirt/grease between the pick-up and base plate, no thread-lock compound on the pick-up to base plate screw, a good earth between the sliding plates where a vacuum advance is used, a proper fixing where a vacuum unit is removed to fix the two plates together, clean base plate to dizzy body screws, clean dizzy clamp to retaining bolts fixing, and clean retaining bolts to block fixings. Apparently these units are very sensitive to poor earthing. They say 99.9% of problems experienced by Ignitor users are down to one of the above - otherwise they are a very reliable unit. 

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