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UG 8074
Good morning,
A few weeks ago I was out in the Nippy. A man stopped me in a car park and gave me the usual "I used to have an Austin 7" message. It was a 1933 / 34 RP saloon with the registration number above. He invited me to his house round the corner where he had several photos of the car on various European tours in the 1960's and 70's before he sold the car to someone he thought was in the Harrogate area about 30 - 35 years ago.

This registration number does appear on the A7 Clubs register but, according to DVLA, the number now belongs to a 1935 Bentley. I've been in touch with the 750 Motor Club as the register says it is on their lists but, so far, have had no joy.
Graham would love to find out if the car is still around and would be interested in meeting the current owner to show him the photos and also recount some of his adventures in it.

Does anyone know anything about this Austin Seven?
Best wishes,

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