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I have recently started receiving unwanted emails from Austinsevenfriends.
Does anyone know how to stop this happening?
Hello Jim,
What type of emails? Generally you'll only get email from the forum if you get sent a private message, or you have 'Subscribed to a thread to be notified of new replies.
Both have setting in the User CP (control Panel) to switch off. Seems you have emails for PM's off already, so is it alerting you to posts on threads or something else?
Feel free to email,, or PM me if you'd rather discuss elsewhere.
It's alerting me to new threads being started.
Has only started happening recently and I havn't changed any settings so far as I know.
If you click 'User CP' just below the black banner at the top of the forum on the left, you should come to a page with a 'menu' box on the left, under the black heading 'Miscellaneous' there are 'Subscribed Threads' and 'Forum Subscriptions' can you click them and check if there is anything in them?
If there is, there should be an 'Unsubscribe' button under the name of the forum or thread.
If on the other hand they are both empty I'll have to forward to the webmaster to see if there is anything deeper in the workings.
Sorry, should have added no idea why it would have started suddenly.
I've just tested on my own and a test profile, and the email I got has an unsubscribe link at the bottom also which if you have that, may be easier than navigating the menus.
Hope it works for you Jim

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