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Ruby ARQ Rejuvenation
I should have posted this ages ago, but have only got back on my feet after being attacked by the vice in the Workshop, injuring my left foot resulting in 5 weeks of needing to keep it elevated most of the day.
Soon reached 100% frustration level, having read more SciFi space books plus watched YouTube than ever, finding narrow boats quite entertaining to watch.

Now back to more serious work.

Getting ready to start on the body at last, with video to follow of the Tilter/Rotisserie in action.

Geoff - Well done to the Management for a top class forum!
Brilliant Geoff,
Glad to hear the foot is mended sufficiently to start work again.
Really appreciate the time you put in to making and uploading the videos and photos.
Look forward to seeing the body progress.
(07-09-2017, 01:08 PM)Timothy P Wrote: Brilliant Geoff,
Glad to hear the foot is mended sufficiently to start work again.
Really appreciate the time you put in to making and uploading the videos and photos.
Look forward to seeing the body progress.

I'd also like to thank you for uploading the videos.  Sorry to hear about your foot.  
I'm looking forward to following your progress on the body.

Cheers From another Geoff  H.
Thanks for the comments.

The culprit that has had me put a halt to doing any work on the body, and what happened:

Took place in the Workshop on the 27th July 2017 at 1917h.

In preparation for getting the Ruby body back into the Carport I had to make space, so wheeled the MobileToolTrolley (MTT) into the Workshop, and with the engine stand in there already, it became a little cramped between the MTT and vice, meaning I had to walk closer to it as I went past.
As I was doing so, having taken a step forward and with right foot/leg following, the partly unzipped jumper I was wearing must have bellowed outward and got caught by the vice handle that was pointing vertically upward.
The result was my top half coming to a sudden halt but bottom half continuing its forward motion, and with all of my weight now on my left foot ready to move forward I found myself starting to fall backward so I did all I could in getting my left foot to stop the fall, but all that this did was to make the foot slide forward resulting in me putting even more force in trying to stop it.
Result being intense pain due to stretched tendons and sprained ankle, both diagnosed by a doctor, and a day later the instep turning into one big dark blue bruise, the latter causing other half's-eyes, a nurse, coming out on stalks.
A week later, and still hobbling around using two walking sticks I go a doctor to come have a look.
Prognosis was as mentioned above but nothing broken, however, 4-6 weeks of keeping foot elevated for recovery.
09/09/17 and am now able to put pressure on the foot, but not for the whole day yet.
Frustration is at 100%

Geoff - Just in time to put a stop to doing any work on the body.
Hello Geoff,
I am pleased to read you are recovered and back in the garage. Thank you for the video, which, when it finished left me looking forward to the next instalment.

Regards, Mark.
Hi Geoff, good to see you are back at-it. I now have my body sat on the chassis again and about to be bolted together. But I seem to remember some packing pieces. Can you (or anyone else) remember anything about the packings between body and chassis please? Are they available anywhere? Or what should I make them out of? And how thick? I wondered about plywood, or rubber exhaust mounting straps. Any ideas?
Thanks Mark.
Have posted a response in your new Thread, as forgot to check here.

Geoff - Choice now as to which of the Rotisserie videos to start, car or cylinder block.
Two months sitting on my brain, as some have intimated at, has been frustrating to say the least.
During the two months, however, I have found out how to control stepper motors, much to the surprise of my 73 year old brain, the one in my head that is.
I'm hoping a stepper will be powerful enough to drive the lathe Feed Rod that is used to select power feed to either Saddle or CrossFeed.

Next one will be showing the Tilter/Rotisserie in action, with the Ruby body attached.

Geoff - At last I can make a start on the body.
Foot recovered and Ruby body attached to the Rotisserie/Tilter as shown below.

If it's not one thing it's another.
Now the central heating boiler has called it a day and needs replacing as its nearly 20years old.

Geoff - I need to have something strong to calm me down!
Can't you fix the boiler Geoff? mine is now 34 years old. All rotten metal cut out of my ARQ wings today.

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