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Events Sub-forum & Calendar
Just a note to try to drum up some business for this part of the forum.
It is open to everyone registered for the rest of the forum. Anyone can post events they might be attending, and discuss events passed. Posting an event in the calendar or in the events forum now has the same result of linked thread and calendar post.
You can browse the calendar to find events others have posted that you might like to go to. Clicking an event on the calendar page will give you the events forum thread on the event where you can register an interest, ask questions or let people know you will be attending. After the event, if you have had a good day and taken some photo's then please do share in the event thread also. If you would like to have a look for past events to see photo's or post event analysis, then you can browse the events section of the forum.
I have posted a bit of a writeup, and photo's on the events I've been to over the last month so far...
Brooklands Reunion (Photo's kicked off by e-richard, thank you)
Swallow Register at Amberley Museum
Henstridge Airfield Wings & Wheels
Great Dorset Steam Fair

I've posted a guide in the top of the events forum if anyone is unsure of anything, the process for posting an event only really differs to starting a normal thread in that you have to select the date that the event is on. Please do give it a go, and check the guide or let me know if you experience any difficulties. I'm sure everyone would love to hear about and see pictures of events going on around the world.

A note that events do not appear in forum chat. so check out the events forum or the calendar for the latest.
Classic car show Sunday 1st July Doncaster Deaf School, opposite racecourse on Leger way. Opens 10 am.
Fully booked for exhibitors ( about 800 cars last year) so no late entries. Good mix of cars pre and postwar.
The Kop Hill climb is next weekend, the 15th and 16th September. Fingers crossed for good weather. It is an excellent event and well worth a trip if you have never been.

Kop Hill hill climb



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