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Flickering oil pressure gauge
Can anyone tell me why my '35 ORT oil guage gets a fit of the shivers from time to time? At first I thought it might be oil level (though it was still at half mast)... then that it might be running hot... it doesn't happen all the time which is more confusing... Is it normal or should I be expecting a bit of work on my engine soon...

Slightly worried of Colchester.
Nick, There may be an air bubble between engine take off and gauge.
That's reassuring... But I don't understand why it would flicker... I wouldn't have expected the tube to be fully filled with oil... Its not as if you bleed it when you refit an engine..?
(08-06-2018, 04:43 PM)Dave Wortley Wrote: Nick, There may be an air bubble between engine take off and gauge.
A lot of Rileys have air bells in the oil line to eliminate gauge fluctuations; normally an air bubble is unavoidable and serves as a useful damper.
Robert Leigh
Nick. Could it possibly be a little dirt or similar in the pipe or gauge which is moving around causing an intermittent partial blockage. Also check the pipe union which fastens to the head for dirt.

John Mason
Would you believe it "Her who must be obeyed" refers to my Ruby as the toy.
Hi Nick,
I would suggest giving the oil jets a prod through and reseat the pressure relief valve. It's just about do-able insitu if you jack the engine up. Give the cleaned up ball a tap with a hammer and drift to reseat it in the crankcase.

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