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Spin on oil filter
Hi All,

On my Ulster rep, the filter was installed sideways(?) from the head. Then it was installed(not by me) from the bolt holding the oil filler in. From there the lines went from the rear of the crankcase, through the filter, then to the front of the crankcase. Chris Gould's book on building replica Ulsters, suggests putting the spin on filter(a Morris Minor 1000 add on)on the engine side of the passenger footwell. I agree it gets  the filter out of the way, but the flexible oil lines then have much further to go, from the NS to the OS of the crankcase for the out to the in on the filter, then to the intake on the front of the crankcase. Am I missing something or does this increase by a lot, the amount of flexible oil line required?

Erich in Seattle
Erich on both my cars an external filter is fitted half way down the engine bay on the driver's side, just below the louvered side panel. The two fixing screws are accessible under the wheel arch. About a yard of flexible hose is called for. I prefer not to hang anything off engine studs and it keeps the hose run roughly level. This was a common layout at one time and has no obvious drawbacks, mine has run this way without trouble for yonks. Bulkhead mounting would indeed call for a bit more hose, I think it could get tricky finding a run where the hose doesn't fret against anything.

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