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6V Dynamator - first hand experiences...
I am opening this thread for those who are interested in the new 6V Dynamator and want to hear first hand experience of using them.

I have had mine fitted to my Pearl for about 500 miles now and have generally been very impressed with it's performance.  I used Vince Leek's excellent wiring diagram (see: [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]) to install it properly on my car and use it in conjunction with an Accuspark Electronic Distributor.

First (and continued) impression is that it is a very quiet unit that makes for a very smooth and well timed engine.

On initial start up it charges around about 16 amps for the first two or three miles, after this the built-in regulator (the original cut out is no longer needed) senses the battery is fully charged and the ammeter sits at zero, where it remains unless required for lights etc.  I understand that this means the battery is never overcharged, something I know that the original Lucas units could do over longer journeys, even on summer charge.

There was some concern raised on Facebook about the unit overheating, in my experience this is not an issue as it spends most of the time not charging.  After a long hard climb this weekend, in relatively hot weather, I stopped to feel the unit, it was warm but not anywhere near as hot as the rest of the engine.

The camshaft end gear on the new Dynamator unit is identical to the original Lucas one and they can be interchanged if required (this also suggest that a supply of brand new gears for your Lucas unit could be negotiated from Accuspark, if there was sufficient interest, I suppose).

I have noticed that on no-drive (between drive and overrun), when not charging, the backlash gave a small tinkle.  I have since retarded the ignition however and this appears to have solved the issue completely.  The Accupark distributors are extremely sensitive to timing and can take some setting up, I think I have mine in a very sweet spot now.

I made two small modifications to the distributor end of the Dynamator fitting  an o-ring between the cover plate and cir-clip to stop it rattling.  I also drilled and tapped a small how to allow a grease nipple to be fitted so that I can lubricate the gears at this end, I don't think it will need much but it can now been done without removing the unit, which I like.


Interested to hear from others who have fitted one as well.

Are they availible to be bought yet?
(07-05-2018, 07:39 PM)Hedd Jones Wrote: Are they availible to be bought yet?


I have had a slightly disturbing experience with my Dynamator this week.

I have been noticing a rattle on tick over which was not there before and decided to investigate.  On removing the dynamo inspection hatch I noted some heavy wear in the camshaft gear and small filings inside the housing.  


This resulted in a full strip down and timing gear replacement on Wednesday for me.  The crank gear was totally unmarked and this suggested top end cause.  I removed the gear from the end of the Dynamator and compared it carefully to an original.  The new gear has a much sharper profile and I am almost certain that this is the cause of the rapid wear.  The new gear is on the left of this photo.


I have now fitted new (2nd hand) timing gears and an original dynamo gear onto the end of the Dynamator, blued everything up and checked for correct backlash.  This new set up has covered a number of miles and shows no signs of any wear - I will continue to monitor this daily and report back if I find the same issue occurring.

I would strongly suggest that anyone who has a Dynamator fitted check to see if the gear is causing wear, I would also encourage those people to change the new gear for an original one.

I have alerted the manufacturers to my experience.

I too have suffered this experience, the Dynamator had been used for about 200 miles. First two pictures.

Another owner in our Hereford Austin Seven Club also found the same issue when I asked him to inspect his timing gear. His Dynamator had also been used for about 200 miles. Third picture.


.jpg   Ron Sadler timing gear.jpg (Size: 46.63 KB / Downloads: 2,590)
1931 RN, 1933 RP
Well, I won't be fitting mine now yet! Clearly the manufacturer needs to supply us with a new gear for those units still 'new'... I hope other owners with cam gear damage get some favourable treatment.

Are decent quality dynamo end gears available from our own suppliers and at what price?
There are plenty of serviceable second hand gears Jon, I am confident this will be a simple fix to the issue.

I think it’s important this doesn’t get blown up out of proportion. These dynamotors are a worthwhile addition to the seven world. Although not everyone will want one, this shouldn’t be seen as a dealbreaker. Like R says, correct gears are not in short supply, in fact if asked I’d have recommended swapping to the original gear anyway. Introducing a new gear to an already worn set is not best practice.
Alan Fairless
These are the gears I fitted, on Wednesday, after about 50 miles of use.

There is a little reflection from oil residue, after I cleaned them for the photo, but no new wear marks.  I will keep posting with updates and hopefully all will still be well.


how does the existing one come off - should it just gently tap off? or need pulling?

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