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scuttle fuel tanks and minimising fire risk
In the many years of owning Austin 7s of primarily the scuttle fuel tank variety, I've never witnessed a fire and I'm amazed at the amount of fuel that can spew over a very hot exhaust from a leaking carburettor without this issue. But obviously there's always a first time! The only fire I witnessed was one caused as usual by human error when a friend insisted on keeping his Chummy's engine running while refuelling, fortunately quickly extinguished with a blanket. The recommendations of using the cylindrical fuel filter (generally useless for its intended's too slow) and never filling to the brim are very good. Always carry a spare gallon but not on a continental ferry as in my experience it is not allowed.

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RE: scuttle fuel tanks and minimising fire risk - by James Anderson - 01-02-2018, 04:07 PM

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