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Sluggish Ruby on uphills...
Thanks for your response.
New pistons, rings, etc., tested and all compression good and even across all 4 pots. Yes, have hi compression head.
Timing set by ear and with light...had it set  electronically once when it went for its MOT and it wasn't anywhere as good, so reverted to old method, and it purrs, doesn't snatch, no hunting, and perfect tickover.
Bought but have not fitted Accuspark complete kit, with distributor, and was going to try that.
Basically, I'll do anything to enhance performance and reliability, PROVIDED it's reversible, as I try to use the car as much as possible, weather permitting.
I'm not particularly unhappy, and if it takes me just that bit longer go climb a hill, it's no big shakes, but equally if I can lessen the strain on the engine, it's worth a try...

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