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RN Scuttle Mounted Fuel Tank "A Baffling Problem"
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I thought I should perhaps "complete" the story of the RN scuttle mounted tank. I took the advice proffered and gave the tank to a specialist fabricator to repair. He was experienced with automotive fuel tanks but was now mostly working on canal boats. He soaked the tank over Christmas to make it safe. In the new year he started the repair. The plan was to fix back the baffle in its original place but to gain access meant removing one end cap of the tank. This end caps were so well fixed and was in such good condition, he asked if it was actually necessary to refix the loose baffle. He could "letter-box" the back of the tank and remove it more easily and with less damage  

Since Harvey had been operating without a baffle in the tank for some time I went for that option - it appeared to make sense. So a week or so later the tank was returned with baffle removed. The tank had been pressure tested and some small issues with the top seam had been made good with solder. I then painted the tank with several coats of smooth Hammerite and set about installation. 

Picking up on the discussion about mounting the tank and what to use as padding.  I made some pads from 5 mm closed-cell butyl foam purchased via eBay at little cost. They should do the job and the rest of the pack will get used sometime.

Many thanks for the discussion and help.


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