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RE: Stringing steering wheels... - JonE - 22-11-2020

looks like that seller has the rare Works centre console..
The stringing looks very characterful in both cases.

RE: Stringing steering wheels... - Alan - 22-11-2020

I used 3mm cotton macrame cord, 200 metres from eBay costs about six quid. If you just google whipping steering wheel there is loads on how to do it. Be careful though not to look at the other whipping stuff that comes up. I think I used about 40 metres of cord - it’s more than you’d think and I finished it off with yacht varnish. It’s not difficult just time consuming and your fingers get sore. I did mine in sessions over 3 or 4 days. You find boredom sets in after a few inches.

RE: Stringing steering wheels... - Ruairidh Dunford - 22-11-2020

This is all very helpful everyone - thank you.

Howard - can you post a link to the black cord you used please?

RE: Stringing steering wheels... - Howard Wright - 22-11-2020

Hi Ruairidh 

I thought I’d lost the details as I purchased it over a year ago on eBay and it had dropped off my purchase list.  However I looked up waxed cotton cord and the item below had the little note “you purchased this item on 19th November 2019”.

I have a feeling I ended up purchasing two lots of 10m so that there were no joins mid segment of the wheel.



RE: Stringing steering wheels... - Ruairidh Dunford - 22-11-2020

Thank you - black is currently out of stock, you must have bought the lot!! Dodgy Dodgy Big Grin

RE: Stringing steering wheels... - Mike Costigan - 22-11-2020

Ruairidh, there are other suppliers:

RE: Stringing steering wheels... - Ruairidh Dunford - 22-11-2020

Thong binding! How exciting Mike - thank you so much (on so many levels)! Angel

RE: Stringing steering wheels... - Erich - 22-11-2020

Ruairidh, this might be helpful. I have not tried it yet on my Rep springs.

Erich in Mukilteo

RE: Stringing steering wheels... - Ruairidh Dunford - 22-11-2020

Thank you Erich and Renaud for this link - it looks good.

RE: Stringing steering wheels... - Renaud - 22-11-2020

Thanks to Erich from me because I did'nt have the text!
Good luck Ruairidh. Can't wait to see it and put the girls to good use...