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Mac’s Fathers special !

   Brian Harris  My fathers first car

   Greetings from Langebaan SA

         Keith Andersons  RUBY

                Mr Warner !


      A Holiday in France










      Simon Hammond



       Greg Stevens



    Barn find



New Chummy project by Mike Lunch

"I thought you'd be interested to see Bluebell's progress... She came

out of the paint shop today - go and see the site:"

Request for link - Mike Lunch's web site - 1930 Chummy Restoration

  This is one of the best web sites dedicated to a car I have ever seen.

   But please email with a link if you can do better !!!




geoff holland obe





Thanks to Mickey Haynes from Belgium for this

Alistair Pratt


Can you tell us about this vehicle ? - any real pictures ?

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Looking for any restoration pics before and after

Do you have a basket case picture ?

This is how she turned out........................

Volvo look out !

Police try out alternative response vehicle giving Volvo a run for their money

Elite traffic cops on driving course give "Austie"  their approval.


     John Barker

The Rally that never happened

Elgin Park

Part of a letter sent to Mac








As 2005 unfolds, I note that after 12 years the following world records remain in tack.  In May 1993 a party of Austin Seven enthusiasts ventured to Jersey, and at the famous Bouley Bay Hill Club Course set the following World Records…




Steve Hodgson -        Claims the world record for ascent of the

                                    hill in standard engined Ulster with close

                                    ratio gear box – Windscreen Flat – No Goggles            82 Seconds


Ken Berry -                Claims World record for Mk 1 Ruby –

                                    with riding mechanic and open sunroof              142 seconds


Les Harvey -              Claims World record for Austin 16 with

                                    riding mechanic (taking French Polishing

                                    lessons)                                                                        123 seconds


John Farnham -          Claims World record for Austin 10 with

                                    “Dicky” seat closed with Lady Beryl

                                    (sober this time) from the Dog House Club                    120 seconds


Clive Roberts -          Claims World record in 1927 Chummy

                                    with riding mechanic & screen closed –

                                    fully observed from a standing start

                                    (excused wind)                                                 120 seconds


Mac Bonar                 Claims World record for a solo attempt

                                    (a bit hungry) screen open with goggles

                                    but with an unassisted start and a flying

                                    ( ?? )  finish                                                                   103 seconds






  We received this picture – at our main nerve centre via an encrypted message from the NASA

 observation satellite MAV.1S  We have printed it as received and need to have it identified.

We add that there is no security implication .


Cheers to Naomi !!! ..........................

                       Seen at Beaulieu 1967




Hi/hallo mr Mac Bonar, or in Icelandic, "Sæll og blessaður".

YP 7852 is at the moment in total restoring, down to the smallest nut and


Carefully glassblasted primed and painted with respect love and care. The car will hopefully be ready before cristmas time. But I send you a picture of the car like it was when it landed over here. YP 7852 is the only Austin seven in Iceland, strange but true. I shall send you another photo after the restoration is over. Your website is a vonderful site, thank you it is on my favorite list. But are you able to inform me the orginal color of the car, and where to

find site screens for the top. That was missing from the car when it came

over here from Florida an has not been found.

Does YP 7852 have any history tha can be found in England. Sorry for the English but it is mabe better than your Icelandic, true!? Best Regards or "kær kveðja og þakklæti" Bragi Guðmundsson Iceland











A full feature on Ellie


I thought that you may like these for the collection.


Bernard Juby



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How to recover from Chummy Bum after a long run –





Below is shown a local club member putting the theory to test –

After a very long drive and a well deserved stop at the local pub.