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MCC Lands End Trial, Cornwall 31-03-2018
Date: 31-03-2018

MCC Lands End Trial, Cornwall

Hill locations and times to follow...

Can't recall whether we have had the entry list as yet, but I will post up the Sevens that are competing when I get the list.
Lots of other interesting cars (and Motorbikes), of all ages, and always a great spectacle.
I will post the hill locations and times when we get this years instructions through.
Digging out the provisional entry list, there are 2 sevens entered. Alan Bee with his box saloon, hero of the Exeter trial in January, on the main trial, and Stuart Palmer again taking on class 0 (less damaging sections) with his Ulster Rep. 

Other noteworthy entries,
John Wilton - Trojan Utility
Duncan Pittaway - GN Special
David Rolfe -  MG M Type
Bill Bennett - MG J2 (Supercharged)
Dudley Sterry - MG J2 (Much modified with Blown XPAG engine)
Jonathan Elliot MG PA (Class 0)
Stuart Roach - HRG 1500
Robert Robinson-Collins - Allard J1

Of course lots of other interesting cars, bikes & combination outfits of all ages (everything is hugely entertaining on the hills).

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