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pre Ulster history
Hi All
My Ulster replica was built on an old Ruby chassis (no. 213745) registered in February 1935. Is it possible to find out a bit more about the Ruby? How would I go about it? I'd like to know who bought it from new and what happened to the car before it was rebuilt as an Ulster. It was built by Pigsty between 2009-13. I spoke to the guy who commissioned Pigsty but he knows nothing and Pigsty themselves are not being very helpful to say the least!

By the way I thought you might like this artwork that I created recently
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In Pigsty's defense I've always found them very helpful but within their ability to cope with being a very busy business.
The A7CA Chassis Register has its registration number as AON 66 - as you already know, this was issued by Birmingham in February 1935 - given its chassis number the build date of the car would have been early January 1935 so the registration ties in nicely with that. Unfortunately all the registration records for Birmingham ON registered vehicles have been destroyed, so the chances of finding out who the first owner was are now virtually nil I'm afraid. The A7CA Chassis Register suggests that either you or the previous owner are / was a member of the Essex Austin 7 Club - have you spoken to the Membership Secretary of the EA7C to see if the car featured in its membership prior to its conversion to Ulster Rep Spec? Your only other chance would be if someone on this or indeed other forums recognised the registration number as having once been on a Ruby that had passed through their hands at one time or one that they remembered seeing. There would be little point in you contacting the DVLA as they would simply refuse to divulge any previous owner information they might have citing the Data Protection Act. Speaking as a graphic designer, that's a lovely piece of artwork.

i quess pigsty wouldnt hold any info on your car, they are just building for a customer.

as one of there builds you are likely to have a rod yates body, and one of there nicely tuned engines. 

the owner who commissioned it should be able to pass on anything known.

after that you need to show the forum the cars original reg number, someone may find something.

if you have an age related number, you may never find anything.

Thanks Gents. Yes the reg no is AON 66. I spoke to the chap that got Pigsty to build the Ulster. Apparently the chassis was one they already owned. I suspect they no nothing of the cars earlier history either which might help explain why they have ignored my emails.
Love the illustration!
Seeing the reg number, I beleive that one came through my hands. As a chassis only.

I dont recall were it came from, (job lot)?

The chassis had a buff form. And I filled in the paperwork to recover the V5. Pre DVLA problems.

The next owner would have claimed the V5 back, so the buff is lost there somewere.

I don't know who I sold it too, but don't recall it being pigsty.

This was all around 8 years ago though.

(10-01-2018, 09:53 PM)wooster Wrote: [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]
How do I see the artwork please
Not sure what when wrong with link to artwork. Should be OK now. I've also added to the test page of the gallery.

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