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Winter project
Hi david,
I'm looking at the shed, as an overflow shed at the momment.

Wich means it's all common parts (to me) going back in.
I just want it all back in there on shelves or in boxes. So I can decide what to do with it, and be able to access it easily.
As well as get rid of the expensive container rentals.

There shouldn't be anything exstreamly rear in there, but I have found plenty I hadn't realised was in there. A box of x shaft ends, and a sack full of rear damper arm mounting brackets. There are also several boxes and bags with a lot of smalls.

Hi Tony

Are you still thinking of taking photos of bits that crack as you sort through? I'm still happy to help polish the words if you want to put the guidance together. Happy to go at any pace that suits.

Loving the shed... I have a rusty wriggly tin roof on mine and it's been "on the list" for about 15 years... SWMBO says it is ugly and obstructs the view out of the back... I resist the temptation to ask about reflections in the glass...  Big Grin

Interesting to note you can sell the nose piece off a chassis for more than a chassis... is that a postage issue?
Hi nick,
Yes I still plan to do the crack testing, just need to get some of these jobs more up to date.

Nothing wrong with a tin roof, the old outhouse opposite to this shed. " yes it's full of 7 spares " has a tin roof.

Although I do feel it's nicer to sit out in the garden and look at 200 year old tiles, rather than corigate.

You may be right about the postage, if a chassis is listed it's then collection only. A lot of the modern world is far to lazy to travel and collect what they need.

( I WANT IT KNOW ) prime?

Hi with all those old blocks grind off the studs leave pistons sticking out of the base
Hi presto man size Lego
Now you can get metal roofing sheets that are stamped out to look like tiles
(04-01-2018, 06:15 PM)Tony Betts Wrote: Woohoo,

Builders turned up today.

Doesn't look like much, but what needed to be stripped out was.

And hopefully it all starts being built up again.

Amongst other things I'll go over to Lincoln to pick up some more old Norfolk (Lincolnshire) pan tiles.

I restored the shed myself 20 years ago, along with the barn next to it. I'm no builder. And hadn't allowed for the lower angle on the roof, to what the barn is. so the tiles need more overlap. To stop the wind blowing the rain back up the tiles.

I like the logo idea.

But perhaps we need to call is something other than Lego when useing austin block?


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