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750MC Tulleys Farm Trial, West Sussex 29-10-2017
(01-11-2017, 12:47 AM)Timothy P Wrote: Would anyone mind awfully if I merge this thread with the original event one, so that it links to the calendar?
We had a great day spectating, and I've got some photos and video to add, which will probably be ready some time tomorrow.
In the meantime I'd like to echo the thanks to all the organisers marshals etc, and the competitors for the brilliant entertainment.

Aha!  Now I know who you are Timothy. When you introduced yourself I didn't twig. Good to meet you. Looking forward to seeing your photos/videos

Feel free to do as you see fit with this thread.
Thank you, hopefully this all now works with redirect in main forum and calendar also.
That's OK Nick, I don't think we've been formally introduced before. I should've said Timothy with the Red and Black Mulliner saloon.
Will add my pictures and video this evening.
As others have said, this was a brilliant event, great atmosphere all day, and the weather was even good with bright sunshine.
There were 24 Competitors, 20 competing cars with a good variety, Saloons, Tourers, Sports and Specials.  2 other Austin Sevens visited during the day an RK which I'm afraid left before I had chance to Photograph it, and a Speedex Special. Unfortunately though I had planed to visit in Rosie, her radiator sprung a considerable leak on Saturday while out and about, with water peeing out of the core, and though the putty 'fix' got her home without any more loss, I didn't want to push my luck with the 180 mile round trip. 
We arrived just as the hills opened in the morning, a great sight driving up the track seeing the cars lined up. There were 3 rounds, 2 before lunch, and 1 after. Each round having I believe 6 sections. The courses all posed their own challenges, and though for the most part grip seemed fairly good, add in tight twists and turns, and some very steep climbs, there was plenty to catch the competitors out. We watched 4 different sections in the morning, Which were superb, some incredible driving on show, hard fought scores and Austin Sevens once again proving the miraculous things they are capable of. In the lunch break I walked around the cars, and spoke with a few people about their car and how they were getting on. Austin Harris was very protective over his score card, a full set of zeros, which someone had pointed out could easily be turned into a 6 or 10 (Low score wins, zero is perfect score for each hill). After Lunch we watched the sections which we hadn't seen in morning, more great stuff to round off a thoroughly good day.

Some video. All cars apart from Bob Thompson whom I somehow managed to miss getting a video of...

Class 1 for Standard Production Cars
#4 Emma Tarring 1928 AD Tourer

Class 2 for Modified Open & Saloon Cars
Joint class winners,
#1 Bob Thompson 1927 AD Tourer & #20 Austin Harris 1931 RM Saloon...

Bob Thompson

Austin Harris

#10 Robert Foreman 1931 RN Saloon

#11 Graham Harris 1931 RM Saloon

#12 Walter Heale 1932 RN Saloon

#15 Tom Hunt 1929 AD Tourer

#17 Robin Hanauer 1930 RL Saloon

Class 3 Photos to follow...
Class 3...

Class Winner
#8 Stuart Gosling 1937 RTC Special

#2 Alan Martin 1938 Special

#3 Philip Longhurst 1933 EA Sports 'Ulster' Replica

#5 Derek Brown 1931 Special

#6 Nick Salmon 1934 Special

#7 Robin Gooders 1927  Special

#9 Andrew Summers 1932 Special

#13 George Gosling 1937 RTC Special

More to follow...
#14 Richard Dupre 1937 RTC Special

#16 Martin Whittaker 1932 EA Sports 'Ulster' Replica

#18 Terry Gosling 1930 EA Sports 'Ulster' Replica

#19 Paul Milner 1929 EA Sports 'Ulster' Replica

#21 Rupert Coler 1933 EA Sports 'Ulster' Replica

#23 Chris Leace & #24 Chris Meade Seven Special

And finally couple more for good measure...






And the Speedex...

Thanks again to all involved, for a super day's entertainment.
Thank you so much for posting these

You're very welcome Robin. Super day.

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