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Oil leak
I suppose this is par for the course, but having solved one issue, another has arisen.

Following the cooling system "upgrade" I carried out, I decided to change the oil, too, given the car is new-ish to me and I don't know the last time it was done. Looking around on here, many have said classic 20w50 multigrade is fine and change it regularly. I have a big batch of the stuff for running some other 60/70's stuff, so though "i'll go with that". Not sure what was used before.

Put the required amount in, and now seem to have a more smoky engine, with some blue smoke on revs. Is it likely that the viscosity of the oil is allowing a bit to pass the rings (last changed maybe 5 years ago). I know they burn a bit but a change in symptoms always gets you wondering. Pressure readings on start up and warm up are normal, then calms down to the usual minor flicker of the meter.

Maybe I'm imagining it, but there seems to be a bit more greasy and glossy look to the area around the cylinder head gasket area, which makes me wonder whether I might be best changing the head gasket for these all-singing-all-dancing silicone offerings. I'm loathe to go too mad tightening down any head studs just yet...

Thanks in advance gents
How much oil have you put in it? Normal capacity for a coil engine is 4 pints. By the way the silicone gaskets go between the block and the crannkcase, not the head...
Right oh ;o)

Oil level was spot on on the dipstick, and I did measure somewhere flat around here ;o)
Yes, but have you got the right dipstick...?
Now you're asking... what are the different ones available?

It's shorter than a beer barrel dipstick and longer than a cocktail stick.......

I did measure the oil by volume though and put 2.25 litres in, which I believe is 4 pints in new money.
I found a straight SAE30 oil on fleabay for "Lawnmowers" at half the specialists price for a straight "Classic" SAE 30"....

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