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Chris Blakey - Celebrate the Seven Trans Siberian journey
Well done a brilliant adventure. Hope your car gets better soon!
(17-09-2019, 02:15 PM)Chris KC Wrote: Do we know what the onward plan is? i.e. does he only need to get through a couple of days' drive then ship the car home? Or is he turning around and motoring back?

I don't think the journey is complete, yet. His goal was to get to to the Opening of the Rugby World Cup (this Friday??), Simon will know more for sure and also how many miles that is yet to cover.

I am sure he will do it.

He appears to be running again!

He has a ticket to the opening ceremony, and some support from an up market car magazine.

He was hoping to have the car displayed somewhere near the stadium, but, up to the point of his leaving, nothing official.

But with the TV and press coverage and his persuasive manner and sheer good luck - who knows?

As fas as I know, he was leaving asap after the opening game, but his plans may have changed.
He’s only gone and bloody well done it!! Congratulations Chris, outstanding achievement.

I have no idea of mileage, but it is a lot!

I bet there'll be a few beers sunk in Tokyo tonight! Well done Chris...
Some nice pictures and films have appeared of Chris in Japan - one of them shows him with a blown head gasket, which I presume was the cause of the breakdown above. The car sounds very healthy in the films afterwards.


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