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AVJ Van - FMH 417
Having  a litttle time on my hands, I decided to try again to find out more of the history of FMH 417, my AVJ van. Since some of it is tied up, indirectly, with the 750 Motor Club, I thought I'd throw it open on here.

I bought the van in 2012 from Tony Stevens, who originated in Ashtead, Surrey, but who was then living near Truro.
He had owned the van since 1990.

Prior to that it had belonged to The Gribble Inn, Oving, Chichester, since 1983. This is where the 750 MC connection comes in as the Gribble is (or was) the meeting place for the Southdowns coven.

Before the Gribble, the van was owned by City Caterers, of Lyden Street, London E1.

While the body was being restored, we found traces of sign writing, but not enough to identify the livery

Does anyone remember the van at the Gribble or City Caterers? Has anyone a photograph? I'd love to hear about it if you have.

In deepest Norfolk

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