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Cylinder Head Query
[attachment=6134     ]Dave Armstrong's excellent Speedex webpages on Special Cylinder Heads shows an early head of unknown provenance. Enclosed is a photo of an identical head which has come to light. Dave suggests the head may be experimental. The plugs are housed in very deep recesses and the combustion chambers are very deep over the valves. One of the core plugs is missing showing the walls of the water chambers to be thinner than normal. Although very unclear " 9C " could be cast on the upper surface.
Any ideas chaps?
Clearly not designed to provide high compression. Could this be for a blown car?
I believe its a Brooklands head I would be interested i purchasing if it is for sale
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What does the top side look like Chris ?
My first thought was Brooklands, too. Early primitive plug position rings a bell, designed more to protect plug than for optimum combustion. Later and better designs were much closer to the exhaust valve.
I had one of these many years ago - I was told it was for a supercharged car but Brooklands sounds more exciting.

    As requested
Ruairidh, I believe they did use an almost identical casting on supercharged Ulsters, although probably with a lower CR, so you may well be correct.
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.jpg   BrooklandsEngine.JPG (Size: 106.28 KB / Downloads: 235)
I reckon you've nailed it John!

Just out of curiosity what is your source?

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