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Ashley information
I am posting this request on behalf or one of our club members who has an Ashley/Falcon type GRP body shell that he is building up onto a seven chassis. Unfortunately his kit of parts has no body mounting framework, firewall, floor, etc, he needs to re-create all of this from scratch but is missing any information and I have nothing in my archives. So can anyone here help with photographs and maybe copy of the build manual that was sold when the cars were originally marketed?
Black Art Enthusiast 
I don't think I have any photos Ian; my only recollection of the one we briefly owned was that the floor was a flat sheet of plywood. It was not fancy!
This group appears active so if anyone can help...
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Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think!
I had been doing a bit of research and have come up with these which should help Alan or other restorers in future.

.jpg   3144719_orig.jpg (Size: 120.46 KB / Downloads: 169)

.jpg   3319236_orig.jpg (Size: 187.57 KB / Downloads: 169)

.jpg   2776283_orig.jpg (Size: 182.04 KB / Downloads: 169)

.jpg   4102015_orig.jpg (Size: 171.98 KB / Downloads: 169)

These are all from the Ashley site mentioned above there are others as well if you trawl through all the different 750 cars listed.

Black Art Enthusiast 
If its an Ashley shell it will have a tubular frame bonded into it, over the scuttle area and under the doors in the sill area.
There are two small tabs welded on each side which connect to the chassis cross members.
Two versions available one for short chassis one for long chassis.
No floor is provided.

Its a Special so get creative. no two are alike.

I had one which had a stunning tubular framed shell all welded onto the chassis but being 16 and already having a rebuilt chassis from another Ashley I stripped the chassis away from the body to fit the body shell to the rebuilt chassis.
The chassis was cut up and scrapped ( they were two a penny in the 1970's )

I should have some old pics in the loft somewhere. 

Cheers Dickie

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