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Mark and Kim, New Austin 7 Owners
Hi people

 We are Mark and Kim from Hilperton naer Trowbridge Wilts and we have not long become the proud owners of a gorgious 1933 Austin 7 RP.

So much to learn about this type of vehicle and we are just recommissioning the engine after a long 12 year period of storage before we purchased her.

 My Uncle has an RP up in Fleet and we have made friends with a couple here in Trowbridge who have an RP and a Tourer.

Anyway, thats enough for now but we hope to join in and glean knowlage from the learned masses on here.

All the best Mark and Kim Smile

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Welcome aboard!

That's a pretty little car!
Thank you.

 Its in very good structural and cosmetic condition.

 Engine needs a little post storage work and the front screen needs adjustment to fit the apature better. Other then that its ready to go.

You will learn a great deal and benefit enormously by joining The Bristol Austin Seven Clib your local experts..
OK, Thanks. I will look them up and make plans to join.

"You will learn a great deal and benefit enormously by joining The Bristol Austin Seven Clib your local experts."

And you have Vince Leek not far from you.
I am just up the road a bit as well, willing to help if required.

That looks a lovely car.  Definitely join the BA7C - you're in the heart of their territory.  It's an excellent club, with a very useful spares shed!

I, too, have a '33 RP and have been a Bristol Club member for most of the last 45 years.

By the way - that looks like a nice period number plate fixed to the garage door - it would suit the car much better that the modern pressed aluminium one!
Looks a delight - Hope you get lots of fun with your new treasure.
Mark & Kim -  Ditto to suggestions from Ian, Nigel, Simon & Martin about the Bristol Club.  Not only will the suggested people be able and willing to help you out with any problems but their social activity is excelllent and you won't have a problem fitting in.  Great car - Congrats.  Good Luck & Cheers, Bill in Oz

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