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Oil Pressure gauge for Ulster Rep
Hi All,

While my dash and oil pressure gauge were at a friend's shop for some fitment issues, the gauge developed legs and apparently went home with someone else. I need a new one, black face. The engine is jet fed. What pressure gauge should I get(I see 30 and 60 lbs are available). Should the bezel be chromed or nickel plated for a 1930 car?

Erich in Seattle
Willie Mackenzie is probably your best bet.You would only need a 30 psi gauge on a splash fed engine but it would look more correct with a 60.1930 cars should be chrome.What are your other instruments ?
Gauges reading double used to be available (30 that would read 60) but they could have been Alan Raeburn ones.
You could also try Chris Clark ,He was making them too.
Thank you Dave. I will contact Willie and see if he can put the 30 psi guts in a 60 psi gauge. As I understand it Alan did that. My other instruments I think are chrome.

Erich in Seattle

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