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1930 Austin 7 Special GE Cup Facsimile

This is an Austin 7 Special built by me over a number of years based on a Gordon England Cup model. There is nothing that is original GE Cup and it is home built with very little professional input. It is by no means perfect.
It is built on an October 1930 short chassis. The engine is an early coil also dated October 1930. Gearbox is a 3 speed crash box fitted with uprated first gear. Rear axle is also correct for the 1930 chassis and has new CW &P. Brakes are original coupled cable operated.
Electric are 12 volt with2 brush dynamo and electronic voltage control.
The engine has a dynamically balanced Phoenix crank, Austin con rods, oversize inlet valves and double valve springs. High compression cylinder head, alloy sump and 1 1/8” SU carb.
 All mechanical bits have been refurbished or new components fitted.
The body was built by myself based on a set of full size drawings. I also fabricated and painted all the metal bits.
There is no hood or weather equipment. There is an electric windscreen wiper but I feel that it is a bit heavy for the windscreen so it is not fitted.
Asking price is £16,000 onco.
For further information please call Tony on 07398914081 or email gandtsaward@gmail .com
what a lovely, practical car to use. The front indicators are nicely placed there. Bumping it back up to the top!
Are the side lights available as reproduction?
Hi Tony

Just to say your car is lovely and a bargain at that price.

Hope it sells quickly.

Kind regards

Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 
Hi Jon

Thanks for the comments. The repro sidelights are available from Austin Reproduction Parts (Willie McKenzie)

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