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Who, what, where?
From 'Rallies and Trials' by SCH Davies, published by Iliffe & Sons. 1951. There is no info beyond the caption. Anyone recognise the car and crew?

.jpg   IMG_0001.jpg (Size: 632.16 KB / Downloads: 426)
Interesting that it is not displaying a registration number, as practically all trials at that time were not single venue events, and cars were required to travel on the public highway between sections.
The driver resembles Colin Chapman...

No I note that it was stuck on the section and that
There’s a tow rope/shackle tied to the front axle which looks
As if it’s leading to a tractor?

Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 
Is it by any chance Arthur Mallock? 
I was marshalling on the VSCC Herefordshire Trial today, and as the afternoon went on cars turned up missing reg plates, competition numbers and in the case of one Ulster, the brake pedal. I had hoped to photo Sevens in action, but being in the woodlands, even modern cameras on smart phones did not have enough light.
PWA7C Butt's Quarry, Derbys. trial some years ago.
I initially thought the plate was just covered in mud, but if you look closely the rivetted mounting is clearly visible.

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