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Cars off the road long term and SORN.
Just a word of warning for those of you with vehicles off the road long term, but have registration documents in your name.

I recently had cause to put a vehicle, that has been off the road since the late 1980's in my name. Specifically changing keeper on the V5.

Today I recieved a snotty letter in the post requiring me to 'Immediatley' tax or SORN the vehicle. And that I was at risk of a fine. 

Unfortunatley for the DVLA they got a snotty me on the end of the phone. Whilst discussing my problem, and without asking me the lady at the DVLA sorned my vehicle. This in my belief was an unlawful act, as only the registered keeper can declare SORN.

At that point she got both barrells. The legal situation is that vehicles that were not taxed at the point of the law requiring a SORN being enacted, and that have not been taxed since that date do not need to be SORN ed. They also do not need to be taxed assuming that they are still off the road.

I quite calmly but sternly asked her to check with her superiors, and after a 15 minuite wait she returned and confirmed my assertions. 

I then insisted she remove the SORN from the vehicle. 

I shall be watching the DVLA vehicle check website with interest over the next fortnight to ensure that my instructions have been carried out.
When I purchased the saloon (albeit about 10 years ago) the car remained “unlicensed” upon transfer of ownership. I needed to get in touch with the dvla to register the car and again to get the class changed to “historic”.

Indeed. I've another two vehicles here with V5's here with the same status.
You complained about a letter asking you to.sorn the car. And ring them and you get snotty with them what's wrong with sorning the car you only have to do it once !
And then.owners don't like it when they want to get the car they have just restored registered and dvla get snotty back? I wonder why !!
My problem I ask questions that other people don't like?
Like have you got that for an investment or for fun?
The letter didnt ask me to SORN the vehicle. It threatened me with a fine if I didnt do it immediatley.

Because I'm not required to SORN the vehicle this rather annoyed me somewhat.

Would you be happy a quasi government body threatened you with a fine if you did not do something that the law did not require you to do?
Ok I understand I think the problem is dvla use
Standard letters for sorn and tax and does not help
I don't think they sometimes mean what there letters say
But i have had to contact them a few times and found out its best to be polite then I get the results I want. They can be hard work.sometimes I've found !
My problem I ask questions that other people don't like?
Like have you got that for an investment or for fun?
Theres no excuse for sending letters out threatening illegal action when there is no legal basis for doing so.
I had parallel problems when I bought my RP saloon in October last year. It had been in long term storage for about 25 years and the owner had an 'old style' V5. This was duly completed and sent off. After about six weeks, I rang DVLA to see what had become of the new V5 in my name to be told that, yes they ahd received notification that the vehicle had been transferred but that the documnet supplied was 'unacceptable' and that, if I wanted a V5 in my name I would have to apply on form V62 and send them a cheque for £25.00! I pointed out that I had supplied them with the V5 that they themselves had issued for the car in or about 1978 and it was not my fault that it was not in the current format. This cut no ice with the rather officious young lady with whom I was speaking.
So, I downloaded a form V62,completed it and sent it off with a cheque for the £25.00 and a stronly worded letter pointin out the facts and stating that my letter was an official complaint. My new V5 arrived within a week. No word of apologybor explanation, but DVLA have never cashed the cheque!
Remember you are not usually dealing with the DVLA themselves but with Crapita as another outsourced service. They work to standard processes which their poorly paid operators barely understand, so yes do send them off to get advice. There are real DVLA people in the background who do know what they are doing and will resolve things quickly. So be nice to the front line, its not their fault they rarely have been trained properly, but do encourage them to go and get the right information.

I am holding a Volvo which is not yet on a SORN as I am the third to be restoring it and the DVLA had no problem transferring ownership or agreeing date of manufacture from the factory records. I was dealing with the specialist team and they were excellent. Otherwise I use email as I also get frustrated with the lack of knowledge at the front line.

Good morning all. I'm with Hedd on this one. I telephoned the DVLA yesterday about an age related number for my ARQ Ruby. After being transferred through different department I finally got through to someone who was initially very helpful. The conversation went downhill when she asked for the vehicle's registration number. It doesn't have one that's why I am calling I replied 'oh' she said in a lovely Welsh lilt. Is it Sorned? No it's been off the road since the 1960's and doesn't require a SORN I replied only to have her parroting on 'it needs a SORN.....'  'You are required to SORN it otherwise you will be liable for duty' at which point I thanked her and put the phone down.

Regards from the creative county - Staffordshire


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