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Density of UK Sevens on the ground
I was wondering how many Austin Sevens there are around here that I have not seen, and then wondering how thick they are on the ground?  Given the area of the United Kingdom is about 100,000 sq miles, and there are about 10,000 surviving Sevens - this is about one Seven for every 10 square miles - so on average you should never be more than about 3 miles from an Austin Seven.  However, as only about 10% of the UK is built up, within towns and cities the average density would be more like one per square mile.  So there should always be one very not far from you, wherever you are!  (Where I live, there is mine, plus a box saloon along the road, three more about half a mile away and another one a mile across the fields - and there may be others too, of which I am not aware - they are easily hidden away.)

I live on an island of 25 square miles and can count 12 other cars I've seen plus a chassis that had been converted to a single cylinder sand racer. 2 '32 cars ,one wjthin a thousand of my own less than a mile away.
There are certainly a few around. I have just discovered another Nippy owner living 2 or 3 miles away - he even recalls seeing me drive to work one morning 15 years ago!

Of course many Sevens cluster in small colonies (not thinking of anyone in particular Ruairidh!)
If you count Rosengarts in the equation ,I have five in my garage and can count another 8 in a four mile radius
I am always interested in any information about Rosengart details or current owners.
I'm in the Colonies, there are 5 in my garage and 4 others in the town we live in.

There are quite a few Sevens in South Africa, we have a very temperate climate, so rust isn't a huge issue unless stuff is left out near the coast. No salt on the roads....ever


Port Elizabeth
I did hear a claim that the Isle of Wight has the highest density, though I suppose it depends on what size area you want to include.

At 150 sq miles, the Isle of Wight would need about 150 Sevens to beat the expected average in urban areas on the mainland - are there that many residing there? 


PS Must be a good place to own and use a Seven - still all you need when there are no motorways and a clement climate?
My nearest known Austin is Bob46320's RN  and he's about 300km from here. We're a bit thin on the ground.
At least six within 12 miles that I know of.
For some reason this thread reminds me of this: [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]

Not sure if they count reckless ones...


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