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Overheating RP
Time to call in the experts. Two year's ago I took a core which had been standing since the mid '70s to a rad. specialist who professionally cleaned it. Perfect result,  and I think it cost around £20.
Assuming the core is the problem and it is not the zigzag type not amenable to cleaning, tank removal is not a big deal. Professionals do very quickly. I have done it on other makes using a plumbers petrol iron but easiest with a small hot flame directly. The radiator is supported so the solder falls clear and not into tubes and the joint is repeatedly tapped as the solder is melted. This prevents it re adhering.
I cleaned up a block and head a couple of years ago using Bilt Hamber's Deox C circulating it round the assembly in the opposite direction to normal using an old washing machine pump. It certainly removed a lot of crud and the Deox C was exhausted and what I could see inside looked clean but whether I removed all the rust I won't know unless I section the block.
Chris - I think you are right. Will be visiting a local firm on Monday.

In deepest Norfolk
IMHO the only way to fully clean up a block and a head is to remove all the added parts, including core plugs, and place it in a bath of liquid caustic soda to which has been added around 2% sodium hydride, cooking it at 370 degrees C for several hours. This reduces all " crud " to a fine dust which can be washed out. Crankcases and aluminium casting can also be treated in the same way but the temperature can affect any previous heat treatment. I have used the process on both block and cases with 100% results.

Local to me are Lenton Treatments of Leicester who are RR certified and always most willing to help I'm sure there must be others around the country.
My local engineering shop where I get rebores and crank grinds etc done, Ivor Searle in Soham, Cambs, offers an 'acid dip' process. The Riley 9 block I had done last year cost £40 and removed every drop of oil, crud and external paint leaving a block that was then just a delight to work with...
Thanks for all the advice, guys, but head and block are relatively clean. It's the radiator core that appears to be the problem. As I said, i will be off on Monday to a local firm that I hope will have the answer.

In deepest Norfolk

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